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The textile industry in Singapore has come a long way from being the modest manufacturer of the apparels and garments to one of the leading textile markets in South-East Asian region. The rapid development in the communication and e-commerce sector in Singapore has augmented the growth of the textile sector in Singapore. The largest subsections in the textile market are non-woven fabrics, technical textiles and cotton fabric. The fashion houses all over the globe have their facilities at Singapore. Singapore exports its large quantity of produce to USA and the Latin America is the biggest importer of the products from Singapore. The markets of Cambodia, Vietnam Ecuador and Paraguay, the global reach of the textile industry of Singapore is wide and strong. The industry is famous for its manufacturing of medical textiles and other home textiles.

textile industries in singapore


In the recent years, Singapore has become a textile hub in the entire South-East Asian region. The fashion apparels and garments in Singapore are manufactured worth $2.7 bn which is a significant number in the global market. Due to ease of doing business and the strategic geographical location, textile industry in Singapore has flourished and developed in last few decades. For USA and EU nations, Singapore is the biggest market for purchase of cheap clothes in best quality. For china and USA it is the passage to the entire South East Asian region and Indian textile market. This sums up the importance and significance of the textile industry of Singapore. The textile industry employs around 17% of the total workforce in the nation and contributes up to 1.7% of the global textile market demand.


At present there are 130 magnificent manufacturing companies in Singapore who primarily are involved in weaving & spinning of yarn and fiber. The pivotal part in the textile industry of Singapore is held by the medical and technical textiles which constitutes for 39% of the global demand. The majority of the produce is exported to USA where Singapore is the 13th largest exporter and to other EU nations. The cheap labor and naval connectivity has ensured the richness of trade and commerce in the region. Industrial restructuring and upgrade process has caused many industries in the region to upgrade their machinery and manufacture the products at their optimum level. This in turn has been like a boon to the textile industry if Singapore and the manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters of textile products have strengthened the textile sector and the Singapore textile industry has become far more competitive and premium over the years.

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