Textile Industry in pakistan

Pakistan textile industry overview and market analysis

Pakistan has so many textile businesses and about 30% of Pakistani workforce depends on Textile sector. After China, India and Bangladesh Pakistan is 4th major producer of cotton in world. Pakistan has huge spinning capacity and it plays an important role in Textile industry of Pakistan. Here you can find best Pakistan yarn manufacturers, suppliers of garment fabrics, wholesale apparel cloth retailer, textile machinery and mills exporters and textile fibre raw material importers of textile business from Pakistan. If you are textile business owner from Pakistan you can free register your firm in our business directory of Textile.

The Segment of textile in Pakistan has a giant impact on the business economy and over all contributing 57% to the country exports as per Government of Pakistan Ministry of Textile Industry. In Recent years Cotton yarn textiles and Apparel cloth garment were the main focus of the cloth industry, because of the vast amount of agro cotton yarn produce in the country its fourth rank in across the world after India and china. There are so many textile mill , Spinning mill , weaving and knitting mill, textile processing unit , textile machinery and dyeing and printing industry developed and growth in past five year.

Pakistani Textile Industry provide 9 % of the global textile business suppliers needs mainly located at Arab countries , African region , Latin America , East Europe , Canadian Market and some southern Asia. Pakistan rank is number 10 textile producers in the globe as specially produces cotton yarn material, Cotton apparel cloth manufacturers, Ethnic wear wholesaler and local production of textile machinery and mills equipments. The Global demand for Apparel cloth is increasing at around 2.5%, Impact that much more opportunity for rise in exports apparel garment from Pakistan.There are good strong Organizations in the industry market and follow the legal rules and regulations in the Pakistan textile industry.

textile industries in pakistan


The textile industry in Pakistan is quite well developed and is the prime source of the economy in the country. Textile industry employs around 45% of the total labor force in Pakistan. It is an agro-based nation much alike its immediate neighbor, India. The textile industry in Pakistan has its roots deep down into history as it began in Indus Valley Civilization which has few sites in Pakistan.

The textile industry saw a rapid growth especially in the plantation and production of Cotton as the climate is suitable. It is 4th largest producer of cotton in World and 3rd largest in Asia after China and India. The ginning mills, Yarn spinning and weaving are largely prevalent in Pakistan as the cottage industry is sheltered and encouraged to facilitate employment to the majority populace in the nation.

The print work in fabrics of Pakistan is quite famous as the richness and the detailing of the print work is unparalleled. It is so surreal and alluring that even Indian fabrics are quite influenced by it.

The manufacturing of artificial fiber is also on a greater scale as country is slowly shifting from primitive form to an advanced form. The water jet run spinning mills now use the diesel operated machineries in order to match up to the global demand of cotton. The production of artificial silk and synthetic fiber is an example of the diverse textile industry of Pakistan. Textile industry employs around 15 million people and is one of the largest employment generating sectors in the economy. Though hit by low revenue generation and a war torn economy, once blooming textile sector is undergoing recession. Nevertheless, it still enjoys a significant position in the global market.


At present, there are 1,221 ginning units, 442 spinning units, 124 large spinning units and 425 small units which produce textile. Almost 660,000 tons of artificial fiber is generated in Pakistan which makes is one of the largest facilitators of artificial fiber in the global market. The Government is encouraging to promote its Prime source of trade. Being surrounded by mountains on its northern side, Pakistan also produces wool in plentitude. At present there are around 650 textile mills in Pakistan and it contributes to 5% of Global production of cotton with Cotton being the chief garment.

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