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Kolkata is well known city for Textile industry in west India. Here we represent all major textile markets from Kolkata textile industry so you can easily contact all major textile companies from India's best Textile Directory.

The textile market in Kolkata is old, rich and diverse in nature. The plethora of manufacturing and wholesale segment is the unique and salient feature of the market of Kolkata. The manufacturing of silk and jute happens in abundant quantity. In fact, Kolkata is the largest manufacturer of jute in the country. The market places in Kolkata are varied and diverse as there are markets where the clothes are cheapest and some places where the only thing that is available is the premium fabric. The market is dominated by Small traders, wholesalers and manufacturers whereas the big textile companies have their outlets and facilities in the city.

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Wholesale Textile Shopping Markets in Kolkata

The traditional Bengali Sari, dhoti and handkerchief are the face of the ethnic fabric of Kolkata. Being the capital city, the apparel and garment market of Kolkata is a big trading spot for the nearby markets. The ethnic and traditional garments from Orissa, Assam, Sikkim and some from Bihar also prefer the market of Kolkata to trade their products. Market places like Barabaazar market Kolkata, Hatibagan, and gariahat are the traditional markets where you can get all type of products from silk, cotton to jute also.

The textile market in Kolkata despite of few setbacks has still gained enough momentum to revive its former stature and the market continues to grow at steady pace. The traditional Bengali sari is now a new fad amongst women as it adds to the beauty of the wearer and the fashion quotient is enhanced with this traditional and marvelous fabric.

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