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The Cloth textile industry is made up of about 1800 small scaled industry and medium large sized enterprises with a 1,24,500 professional worker in the apparel , Fabrics, Yarn , manmade and natural fiber and textile industry mill segments in Germany.They are producing textile raw material for textile industry in Germany. If you are looking for textile business in Germany login to our web portal you can find here some well known textile business profiles with their contact details and address. Germany is a prime role in textile cloth trading and fourth largest Germany made clothing apparel exporter all over the world after united state. Germany also imports men and women wear , t-shirts, Cotton Yarn , Garments of Man-made Fibres, Knitted fabrics and home furnishing product.

  • Germany stands fourth in global textile industry
  • Major exports in knitted apparel cloth , man made fibre ,synthetic yarn and machinery
  • Textile export market of near 34 billion USD
  • Well Known high quality product and accessories of textile and clothing in the world
  • Prime export market are France, Austria, Middle east Europe , Russia and uk
  • import textiles and clothing come from Asian and Europe
  • Business trading with China, Italy , Bangladesh and Turkey

Textile and garment industry is one of the most prominent segments in the Germany after food beverage industry. In recent days domestic textile production increased and technical textiles and raw material import business rise in Germany. European textile industry is generated $277 billion turnover and produce huge textile employment as specially Germany market. It is ideal time for foreign investors, yarn fibre manufacturers ,German textile machinery exporters and cloth trader to expand their business presence in the Germany clothing market and book huge benefits.

textile industries in germany


The textile industry of Germany has been termed as the 4th largest industry in the world. It is 2nd largest exporter and the 3rd largest importer of the textile goods. The industrial production in Germany has been witnessed a gradual journey from being the low-tech production machinery to high-tech advanced machinery production. The German textile machineries are renowned all over the world. With the benchmark standards and the par excellence features, Germany is world's leading textile machinery market. The global textile sector has always relied on Germany for the facilitation of technical textiles as Germany accounts for 45% of the world production of technical textiles industry. Due to cutting edge technology and competitive labor costs, the textile industry of Germany is the largest industry in entire European continent and is a prominent name in the global textile industry. Hardly here would be any country in the world that doesn't use the textile machinery with the technology of Germany in it. Germany is blessed with the sound technical minds and the abundance of the natural resources due to its strategic geographical location.


With meager 3000 people workforce during World War 1, the present work force of 130,000 is evident of the textile prosperity of this great nation. The government encouragement and the location of the country nearby river Rhine is a strategic advantage to the textile industry of Germany. The high standards set by the German textile industry assure the premium quality of the garments which has been intact since long time. The research and development segment of the country has invested hefty amount of funds in order to come up with latest technological advancements in the textile sector. The industry has grown to a gigantic stature as it caters to 18%of the textile market in Europe and the technical textiles from Germany cater to the world demands of around 45%.


At present there are more than 6000 registered companies in Germany who control the entire German textile industry. This means that government policies and the technological textiles sector have collaborated with the textile industries in order to deliver the stellar quality of goods. The textile products from Germany are par excellence and beyond doubt the best one could offer. Germany is both buyer's market and seller's market as well. Being the largest importer of raw materials and being the largest exporter of finished goods, the textile industry of Germany is an all inclusive industry which favors stabilization and sustainable development. The contemporary fashion trends and the present day utopian technology has been a strong forte of the German textile industry. The importers, exporters, manufacturers and suppliers in Germany have understood that quality will always precede the price so the quality of the goods is unquestionably supreme. The industries are working towards the goal of procuring raw materials and gaining self sufficiency.

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