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Textile industry is most prominent sector for any country. Major part of economic growth depends on Textile Industry in America. As per daily needs there are huge demands for textile material in USA. We have listed here thousands of textile business from various textile industry categories like farbics garments , textile machinery equipments and apparel cloth manufacturers firm United States. In recent time American textile industry remains worldwide competitive due to the continuous steadily investment in the textile domestic market. More American young consumers looking for the Made in the USA brand, so apparel cloth companies are turning to producing and manufacturing home made label in country.

If you are owner of any textile business in United States you can free register your firm in Textile industry directory of USA.The United States of America Textile sector includes man-made fibres, yarns, fabrics, textile machinery, non woven items, knitted and woven fabric , industrial textile materials, carpets rugs products and American made home Textile furnishing products. We allow to register here all textile business holder with their business profile and product and services. As per report of States of the US Textile market in 2014, USA has exported approx $400 billion yarn, fibre, woven items to other countries.According to US trade Commission Apparel cloth increase in imports in the man made fiber apparel and textile raw material.

Textile Industry of United States is mainly depends on suppliers, job workers and importers of Textile material. As per analysis of textile experts there was approximately 0.6 million workers depends on textile business in USA. The USA textile market is the fourth largest textile industry in world after China, India and other country and United States exports of textiles products increased 39 percent , Approximately valued near about 17.6 billion USD. Textile industry of US exports to more than 200 countries in the world. Today American textile companies survived from global textile competition and government of USA will surely help to survived them. There are so many businesses depend on Yarn industry, Man made Fibre manufacturing, textile machinery traders and exporters, apparel and garment retailers and exporters, textile mill owners, fabric suppliers from USA, Ethnic wear wholesalers and more. So many new projects are developing to produce best quality ethnic wear in America for Americans and it has so good manufacturing capacity to produce high quality fabrics and supply to demand of USA Textile industry.

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Tracing the origins of the textile business back to the mid 18th century in Great Britain where industrial revolution had taken the country by the storm. New enterprises were formed and the most receptive enterprise was of textile. The fabric industry till then was mostly cottage intensive where the rich wore the imported silk and poor wore the hand woven wool with a little to no embroidery.

Introduction of the spinning mills was a revolutionary step in textile industry and it was pioneer in establishing the supremacy of British cloth in the entire world. But in order to avoid competition and with a view to safeguarding the monopoly, the British crown had established a rule wherein no textile worker was allowed to leave England as he would have the knowledge of the machinery and thereby hampering the British monopoly.

The only reason why the English market history is mentioned in the title of USA textile market is because of one man. Samuel Slater. Slater was a man who was an apprentice to a mill owner and over the period of time he had acquired a great amount of knowledge in machinery. He chose to leave England and arrived in USA in the year 1790. He offered his services to Pawtucket whose machineries were ruled out as worthless.

Based on his knowledge of the machines, he constructed the first spinning machine in the year 1791 where his machine design was successful and eventually the textile industry in USA reached in the stage of inception. In the next few years, there were around 63 spinning mills in the neighboring areas of Rhode island, all owing their establishment to Samuel Slater who rightfully earned the title of Father of American Industry.


Since then, the textile industry in USA witnessed a steep rise in the world of fabrics and advanced machinery. Spinning mills were later replaced by jet and water run machines. The hand woven fabric was replaced by the computer aided design which was more accurate and precise in comparison to hand weaving done by artisans. Shadowing and curbing the cottage industry was a small price to pay for the vast development of Textile market that was to change the face of economy for the entire American subcontinent.

During the time of civil war, there were around 1200 cotton factories and 1500 woolen factories in the entire nation. The wages paid were far from mediocrity that attracted vast number of female workers who somehow enjoyed the sense of freedom to which they were devoid while working on farms. By the end of 19th century, every major town and city in the country was filled by the migrants who flocked in the great numbers for the search of job in textile mills. There was little to no interruption from European markets as they continued to prosper under the acquired knowledge from England and thus, the spinning mills in USA kept on increasing every passing day.


At present, the textile industry in USA provides employment to around 250000 workers both skilled and unskilled. The rapid growth in the industry from 1970's up till 2017 is all due to the advanced machinery. Introduction and development of non woven fabrics and special segmented fabric is also something that has to be accounted while considering the idea of textile development in USA. The fabric used in fire hose, hand gloves, medical gloves, medical tape, office furnishing, geosynthetics, and road and construction fabric is developing at a rapid rate in USA.

The apparels and garment section is ever increasing due to recent upsurge in the prices of labor in China. The industry has been quite receptive to the changes in the well spun yarn and production of raw materials as well. Investment of $1.2 billion has given rise to the industry worth $56.5 billion. The denim and the cotton fabric is quite competitive in the league of Chinese and Indian fabric. Although the textile industry of USA ranks third after China and India, the development of the textile market in USA can hardly be ignored and the recent development programs in Southern states of USA has promised the exponential growth followed by the expected figure of $70 billion empire, which will establish USA as one of the foremost producers of apparels, garments and non woven fabric in the entire globe.

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