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Chinese textile sector manufacturers and industry details overviews

China has millions of people depends on textile industry and contributes significantly to the country's exports and economy. Chinese apparel cloth enterprises are relatively profitable and expand, seeing a day by day continuous growth in export sector. We can provide you the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from China for Textile sourcing or you can direct contact them from our business listing. China Textile industry is planning to grow textile and garment sector exports by an annual rate of 7 percent and boost the export value of fiber products to $400 billion by 2020, according to China National Textile and Apparel Council.

China is the worlds largest and biggest textile cloth manufacturers and exporter and contribute 7% of China's GDP. There are six main sub industry sectors in china. why global textile industry is moving in china , because of Low cost based on cheap labor , area , government policy , large domestic consumer market place and easily find human resources. Most of small and medium size factories are locate Quanzhou city nearly Xiamen of Fujian province and Guangdong states of China. Textileinfomedia is One stop sourcing center for manufacturer of cloth , fabrics exporter , textile machinery companies , yarn and fibre supplier and made in china label home furnishing product factory in china and find best firm address, contact , location map , contact details and company profile or you can send your requirement.

  1. Cotton and yarn
  2. Textile processing mill industry
  3. Knitted and woven
  4. Chemical and textile machinery manufacturing unit
  5. Printing & dyeing house
  6. Finished textile product sector

Chinese garment cloth industry is making progress in many parameter like raw material quality, industrial structure, modern high tech machinery, label development, work process in domestic consumer market and global market. Top trading partners with China as first rank United states and then after Japan , South Korea , Germany , European Countries , Arab region and Australia. With large experience in manufacturing and exporting , China garment industry has gained and develop all kinds of fashion apparel product that demand in export market.

textile industries in china


Tracing the initiation of textile market back to late 1800s where the raw materials were imported from British India and the work upon it was done in China s the growing labor demands and the lack of employment sowed the seeds of textile industry and today the textile and garment manufacturing industry in china continued to prosper thereafter.

The textile industry in china comprises of Dyeing, weaving, printing, hand work, linen dyeing, and packaging of the finished products. China is the leading garments and apparel manufacturer in the world as it generates around $273 Billion per annum, almost 7 times of India which is the second largest player in the list with $40 billion worth of a market.

The reports of the Textile industry in China are promising as it continues to export the garments and apparels to other nations despite the rising labor cost. Textile business has gone up by 10% than last year due to growing demand of Chinese products and its unparalleled capacity to facilitate the ever increasing demands globally.

The rise in labor costs have forced the Chinese manufacturing units to delegate the surplus job work and production to lower labor wage countries which in turn has proved to be an all inclusive development idea. It is interesting to note that Chinese importers and exporters of garments and fabric benefit the most from countries like India and Vietnam. Vietnam has the textile market worth $2.86 billion, less than 10% of Chinese market. Shaoxing is one of the Asia's largest textile market in global textile Industry.

The industries in China have also been receptive to global trade conditions and thereby, trade relations with some of the prominent conditions have receded, like with Japan. Initially, the machines from Japan were advanced and post World War II, the textile market in Japan continued to grow but by then the technology reached china and it thus resulted in the rapid growth. The rising period of growth of textile market in China was during 1970s and since then the growth has been phenomenal providing employment to the workforce of 10 million, more than any nation in the world. Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and Fujian are the prominent provinces in China for export of garments. Given the demand for Chinese garments all over the world, the directory of ours gives contact and communication list of the exporters and importers in china which in turn benefits the people at large. Leading manufacturer of cotton, china further also exports significant quantity of cotton to the other nations and the quality of Chinese cotton is better in comparison to artificial fiber manufactured by machines.

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