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Textile manufacturers and industries in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

The cloth and textile industry of UAE enclose such segment like woven , knitted garment , fabrics , home textile , readymade cloth and technical textile. There are around 170 garment cloth manufacturers and supplier located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah region. in recent day , gulf countries fashion apparel cloth UAE exports cover more than 52 countries in Asia , middle east Europe and African countries. Most of fashionable luxury apparel clothing has made UAE and it become hub of textile apparel business in the world. Apparel consumer trends and availability, online ecommerce shopping has become more popular and expands in Arab countries.

Textile trade, apparel fabrics manufacturing, produce yarn business and textile processing mill unit in the UAE will expand growth and profitability by the bulk import-export and re-exporting of textile product due to supportive government term and legal policy. OFFICE OF TEXTILES AND APPAREL (OTEXA) and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) confers special investment trade and manufacturing business policy privileges within those gulf Arab countries such as UAE , Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.UAE has second number in the clothing retail industries list on parameter like retail development , production capacity, government business policy ,textile market infrastructure and labor work.

UAE textile industry is second largest industry after oil in UAE. It provides huge employments in UAE. Textile Infomedia has thousands of free listed textile firms from UAE. You can get contact details of them from login to our web portal and access the details of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from Textile industry of United Arab Emirates. Trends and Development of the UAE Ethnic wear industry is booming impact Dubai as a fashion apparel hub by 2020 in the globe.

textile industries in uae


Textile industry is booming after the Middle Eastern nations have reached at a saturation point in the production and export of crude oil. Textile is considered as white gold as it almost contributes to 5.5% of the global trade in the areas of Dubai and Sharjah. The UAE market primarily deals in apparels, garments, non woven and artificial fabrics. The emirates have been quite receptive to the development of textile market in equally profitable alternative to the crude oil based economy. The market of UAE was ranked at second place amongst the most promising markets in the textile sector of the future.

Surprisingly the UAE market is one of the most well liked and attractive market for the investors all over the globe. UAE market mostly relies on the China and India for raw material and machinery. The labor force in Dubai and other emirate nation comprises mostly of Indian laborers as the labor is cheap. It further makes the fabric available to the public at economic rates.

The market has been facing the cut throat competition from Indian and Chinese markets as the labor and technology is cheap and the availability of raw materials is an added advantage. But the entire south eastern traffic of trade has been shifting to UAE and the cloth market is expected to grow around $8 billion, contributing to the economy in the vast numbers after crude oil.

Around 50 countries around the south east and Middle East have been trading with UAE market which gives a formidable global representation to UAE in the textile and garment sector and Iran being the lone contributor of around $960 million in the recent years.

The textile market of Dubai is expected to grow at whooping $17 billion market giving it an identity different than being a crude oil economy around the world and the most receptive trade partners being China and India respectively.

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