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Delhi is a hub of Textile business in North India. We provide you all textile markets from Delhi at Textile Infomedia. You can direct contact all dealers, traders, manufacturers, wholesalers from Delhi textile markets.

The textile market in Delhi is purely a boon for wholesalers and an opportunity for traders from neighboring markets as well. The traditional and modish, both type of garments are traded in plush quantities in Delhi wholesale market. The market is majorly run by the chain of suppliers, wholesalers and the small traders who sell the products at relatively lower range in comparison to other sellers in the market. The cloth markets in Delhi are varied and diverse. The market is dominated by the readymade garments and the handicraft products from the neighboring states of Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan.

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Wholesale Shopping Markets in Delhi

The market timings in Delhi are usually quite flexible and are usually closed on Sundays but the regional markets and the street vendors are always ready to entertain and cater to your demands at any given day. Sarojini Nagar market, Gandhinagar market in Delhi which is second biggest market in Asia, janpath market, Palika Bazaar are few of the prominent market places in Delhi. The sari manufacturers, dress manufacturers and wholesalers have considered Delhi to be haven of textile market. Despite having minimum number of textile mills and factories, the textile market in Delhi is touted to be one of the biggest markets in the entire northern region as it is closest to extreme northern states and the markets of nearby region.

It is just like a huge platform for showcasing the products from all over the country as everything is available in the market of Delhi. The handicraft products, embroidery fabrics which are both machining intricate and hand loomed, the dress in all possible variants, and the unique textile art crafts are quite popular amongst tourists and the localities. The market is all inclusive and a profit breeding ground for emerging and existing players in the textile market of Delhi.

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