Textile Industry in canada

Textile Industry in Canada
Textile industry has huge market in Canada. There are so many manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters and importers in Canada Textile Industry. We have listed some of well known textile business in our listing of Textile Directory. You can find the profiles and contact numbers of them and fulfil your needs from Textile industry of Canada.

textile industries in canada


Textile market in Canada was established some 150 years back. The industry primarily dealt with the fabric manufacturing and weaving of wool as the climate is cold. Over the period of time the apparel and garment manufacturing business has prospered and developed in Canada as at present it provides employment to over 170,700 people which is an equivalent to around 281,650 workers in accordance to the weighted average industry multiplier being around 1.65.

The manufacturing of towels, sanitary textiles, bed linen and other raw materials needed for manufacturing apparels is now shifted to low labor cost nations as the country is focused on satisfying the niche demands of the country's textile domain.

At present the maximum apparel and garment manufacturing companies in Canada are present in Quebec and Ontario and few others in Montreal and Toronto. There are around 2465 apparel and garment manufacturing plants in the country with 1085 alone located in Quebec and Ontario. The textile industry in Canada is estimated around $4.2 Billion and the manufacture of special non fiber apparels such as bullet proof vests, industrial apparels, medical apparels, etc are the prime production units in Canada.

The Canadian textile and garment manufacturing industry is expected to grow around 16% more in comparison to last year and the government's initiatives to strengthen the textile industry have been received positively by the major players by reinvestment of profits into textile research and advancement of machineries. The manufacture of intelligent textile apparels run by the electricity has been seen to rise in recent years.

The knowledge, research and the development in textile has made textile and garment industry in Canada one of the most competitive units in comparison of leather, plastic, and other household appliances. The garment, apparel and cloth manufacturing industry in Canada has thus promised a prosperous and successful future and our initiative is to provide the names and addresses of the manufacturers in apparel, garment and accessories in Canada.

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