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The textile industry in Iran has been import intensive. At once, the premier component of the textile industry in Iran is its traditional carpet industry which is the face of handloom industry as well as the premium textile component as well. The silk fabric manufactured in Iran is exported to European nations and the other commodities are imported from Asian and European markets. The textile industry production and manufacturing has seen a receding trend in recent times which has to be facilitated by turning to global market. The major exporter of textile products in Iran is Italy which exports almost 52% of its total export demands. The countries like Britain and Russia are the major trade partners of Iran as Iran has Russia as its immediate neighbor. The textile machinery, handloom products and the textile chemicals like color and dye are exported by Iran to the potential markets of the world. India has been a long term trade partner of Iran and the textile industry has been no exception to this partnership as Indian textile business has benefited a lot from Iran textile industry. For India, Iran is a vast market to export the raw material and other handloom products.

textile industries in iran


Over the years, the textile industry in Iran has seen a steady growth after the decline in 1970's. The setting period for Textile industry in Iran came in early70's as the traditional components of the textile market such as silk and carpet had already reached at a saturation level. The apparel sector has been insufficient to cater to the global demands and is confined to the domestic market only. But textiles are the important components as Iran specializes in the manufacturing of Home textiles and non-woven fabric. The workforce of 300,000 in Iran textile sector is evident enough of the fact that the textile sector has grown in these days. The development of textile machineries in Iran is another aspect of the industry which has been observed by the government in recent years.


At present, the government of Iran has formulated the new trade policies which have liberated the former stringent norms in order to facilitate to the growing domestic and international demand. Many Asian countries will be benefited from these policies as the Iran textile industry is looking forward to expand its reach in global market by going beyond the markets of USA and EU. Iran is a big Importer's market and the exporters from all over the world see Iran as a market with vast potential. This has been the positive outlook of the scenario as the Government strictly and sincerely wants to expand and encourage the textile business in the country.

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