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Bangladesh is one of the leading exporters of Garments in Asia. It has so many top textile companies who are engaged in export top quality textile products to the world. Here we listed some of major names of Textile for information and guide. The only fastest growing option for increasing the economy of Bangladesh is the textile and ready-made garment (RMG) industry. To get the maximum foreign exchange, the best choice for the country is the export of textiles. The country is in the 2nd place in producing the western garments after China in 2016. The GDP growth grew up USD 173.82 billion by 2014, with USD 31.2 billion of that generated by exports and 82% of which were ready-made garments. The enlargement of Bangladesh gets increased through the textiles and touches the best economic growth by it. The industry divided into two linkages- backward and forward. The backward linkage industry contains weaving, knitting, spinning, and finishing of the clothing with the ultimate utilization. The forward linkage industry embraces the RMG sector, printing, and packaging sector. The overall scenario of Bangladesh textile industry shows us the talent and the high graph of the country to become the next global textile hub.

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The significance of the textile industry in Bangladesh:

Well, there are a lot of chances to grow through the textile industry for Bangladesh. A lot of factors affect the business to produce the latest and modish clothing collections. This industry is the labor concentrated than any other in the country. The industry becomes helpful to reduce poverty and women empowerment. 81% of the export revenue comes from the textiles and gives the 13% of GDP to the country's economic growth. With the better and increasing use of the textile machinery comes in high-tech and advanced systems, the bulk of the material easily produced and export it worldwide. The main sectors embrace by the textile business in the textile mills, garments manufacturers, textile and power loom manufacturers, dyed yarn exporters, and some of the other. These are the aspects behind the success of the textile business of Bangladesh that is more significant to make the strong pace towards the global textile market.

Top textile companies in Bangladesh
Top textile companies in Bangladesh

Future challenges in Bangladesh textile business:

As an increase in the population of Bangladesh, the demand for the textiles and clothing is increases hurriedly. The growth rate continues as it is with the RMG production. The export value will enhance because of the low labor cost and provide more employment to the number of people. The main role in the textile business is of adoption of the modern technology machinery and new concepts that will amplify the market of apparels and garments. In terms of quality and price, the industry must have to become superior to attract the more exporters. The production and export of high value appended for higher retention of foreign exchange. So, these are some of the challenges that will face by the Bangladesh textile business in next few years.

Get to know about textile companies in Bangladesh

Textile companies in Bangladesh are cram with so many different varieties. From its textile history since 1971, it has become the great source to accomplish all the requirements across the country. Whether it is of raw materials or finished goods, they are also export their merchandises across the globe to get the high revenue. Well, Bangladesh is the uppermost country to produce jute fibers. This also helps them to come up with new varieties in textiles. This is a great opportunity to country to have such raw material and the textile companies produce such superfine varieties in clothes and home furnishing products. Except for the raw materials, they have wide range of different fabrics to manufacture enormous textile series.

Textile endeavor in Bangladesh

A lot of textile goods manufacture in the world. Well, the availability of the yarns, fibers, and fabrics is the important part in the country. Textile companies encourage up-to-the-minute products. Government of Bangladesh also inspires these companies to develop new products by giving them different proposals and schemes that helps them to come out as the best. Textile endeavor differently works for the companies by adding several approach and new strategies to build up the new ranges of textiles. All the new methods and ventures along with the qualitative and quantitative range of textile goods keep developing economic value of the country. By the appropriate tactics and stratagems it became the excessive strength to the development of textile business.

Overall view of textile companies with new way of production

In this modern era, people want to try every trend that seems nice to them. Textile companies have begun the work on this approach as they almost successfully enlarge the market size of textile. The overall view includes the manufacturing process, usage of high-tech machinery, availability of natural sources, raw materials to produce various ranges, and other things are base of the textiles in Bangladesh. The advantageous thing about the country is it has completely resourceful. In addition, together with the most demanded trend and innumerable choices in the stocks fulfill nationwide necessities.

The reason behind the successive path of the textile companies is it has the gigantic quantity of natural foundations and obtainability of the new technology keeps it more exceptional at the global level. The export value is also matters the most in the development of the economy of the country. These companies made a good path for its country to get the top place and identity in at the globe.

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