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Coimbatore is one of the leading textile manufacturing and processing city In India. We provide list of coimbatore textile markets and hubs so you can get all contacts of textile manufacturers and wholesalers contact details from Coimbatore Textile industries and Markets.

Coimbatore is known as the Manchester of south India as it produces and manufactures garments and apparels in large quantities. "The textile market of Coimbatore ranked 15 amongst the most competitive Textile business markets in India". With 5 centers for excellence in the city, Coimbatore packs within itself a powerful market which is breeding ground for profit and ample expansion opportunities for the emerging and existing players.

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Wholesale Textile Markets in Coinbatore

It is one of the biggest wholesale markets in the entire southern India. In fact the surplus market from Kerala and the capital district of Chennai is also traded for in Coimbatore. The cotton manufacturing is the highest in the region and third highest in country as Coimbatore is surrounded by cotton fields and the climate is suitable for cotton cultivation. The market is suitable for wholesale purchase and customized purchase. The spinning mills and weaving of fabrics is also a major component in the sector. You can visit Poo Market for wholesale shopping in Coimbatore. The initiatives by government to expand and promote the market have been positively received by the business owners and with the help of prominent players, the textile park and the centers for excellence have been established to boost the trade and commerce in the city.

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