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This is ORO Lifestyle

Manufacturer Of  All Type Ladies Wear, Lahenga Choli, Western Wear, Tops & T-shirts, Gowns Etc........

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Western Wear




Long Gowns

ORO Lifestyle Dealing in above Products / Services. You can send us your requirements by mail please contact us for more details.

Products Gallery

Tipsy 17 cream
Isha 11
Tipsy 101 black
Dyna Peach
Yashvi Orange
Tipsy 03 Blue
Tipsy 141 Balck
Avadha Orange
Rubi c green Lehenga
Zorba Red Lehenga
Paris Rani pink
Zorba yellow
Zorba gown
Yashvi Wine
Zorba yellow
Yashvi Pink
Prince Maroon
Prince Orange
Prince Blue Gown
Pepe Morpichh Pink
Decent Blue
Zigzag Red
Sydney Orange
Strawberry Chiku
Iris Blue
Lemon Blue
Elite Red
Rosy Orange
Tipsy 121 black
Cruz yellow
Pihu pink
Ruhi Nevy Blue
Oppo yellow
Liza Green
Charmi Nevy Blue
Ring Coffee
Creta Red
Parle pink
Eliza Red
Vivo green
Harly Black
Burger pink
Zorba gown
Tipsy 118 Red
Tipsy 25 yellow
Tipsy 135 yellow
Zorba gown
Zorba Black
Zorba pink
Trendy Red T Shirt
Strawberry Blue
Omani Gray
Mona Gajari
Omani cream
Mona chiku

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