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Typical GC 6150 MD Industrial Sewing Machine


Product Specification :

Condition: New

Usage: Textile Industry

Type: Industrial Sewing Machine

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Product Description :

Industrial sewing machine Typical GC 6150 MD The professional single needle lockstitch sewing machine is an advanced lockstitch model for stitching products from cotton, knitted, and synthetic fabrics. The direct drive system of the servomotor integrated into the machine significantly reduces the noise level during operation and ensures stable stitch quality at any speed. Specifications of the GC 6150 MD: Fabric type: light and medium. Maximum sewing speed: 5000 st/min. Maximum stitch length: up to 5 mm. Needle bar travel: 31.8 mm. Upgrade of the presser foot: 6 mm ~ 13 mm. Fabric conveyor: lower. Shuttle: standard horizontal. Needle type: DBx1 # 9-14. Lubrication: minimal automatic. Opening: 260x130 mm. Built-in machine serv motor with direct drive. integrated positioner needle. built-in light. supply voltage of 220 V. power consumption of 370 watts.

Typical GC 6158 MD Industrial Sewing Machine


Product Specification :

Condition: New

Usage: Textile Industry

Type: Industrial Sewing Machine

Product Description :

Brand: Typical

Type: Gc 6158md

Engine class: Industrial (Industrial sewing machines have to use tables and feet in operation) Specifications:

- Sewing straight with needle 1

- Engine speed adjustable

- Maximum speed of 5,000 spm

- Maximum thickness 10mm

- Adjustable sewing width up to 5.0 mm

- 5.0 mm (hand) - 13 mm (knee) lift shoe lift

- Auto lubricant system

- There are already led lights

- Up and down needle positioning set

- Wide display screen

- Using motor servo technology (electricity varies depending on your use)

- 4-watt electric standby position

Typical GC 2605 Industrial Sewing Machine


Product Specification :

Condition: New

Usage: Textile Industry

Type: Industrial Sewing Machine

Product Description :

The diameter of a sleeve - 50 mm

It is intended for tailoring of products with the rounded lines

The increased shuttle, the walking pad

Convenient model for an okantovyvaniye of clothes, bags, leather products and leather accessories

GC2605 - is equipped with the device for an okantovyvaniye of cuts of material


binding attachment

compound feed

max. stitch length: 6mm

max. sewing speed: 2000

foot lifting: 13

bigger hook

needle bar stroke: 37mm

manual lubrication system

the area under the arm: 260mm

Typical GC0303CX Industrial Sewing Machine


Product Specification :

Condition: New

Usage: Textile Industry

Type: Industrial Sewing Machine

Product Description :

Single needle heavy-duty top & bottom Feed lockstitch sewing machine with thick thread & long stitch 12 mm

The automobile is used when grinding products from heavy materials, which includes synthetic. The mannequin is equipped with the increased shuttle, the walking pad, and the automatic lubrication machine Similar models: GC6-6 the Nizhny Novgorod Model GC0302 GC0302CX GC0302-HD2 Material Feeder and the pinnacle conveyor Application (fabric type) Heavy materials Super heavy materials Heavy materials the Max. speed of sewing of 2000 stitches a minute (is automatically regulated) the Shuttle Increased vertical Lubricant the Automatic Height of raising of a pad Manual - eight mm / Colin - sixteen m the Max. size of a sew of eight mm Automatic reducing of threads - - the Automatic clip Is provided - - DPx17 No. 200 37 * eight - - * - N Is provided 2000; XH 0-8 If you prefer to order a set with a table and the engine, then it is essential to pick in addition a table of "Typical" the Crankcase and electric powered drive.

Typical GC0303D Industrial Sewing Machine


Product Description :

The Typical GC0303D is a flat-bed styleindustrial sewingmachinefor use on medium & medium-heavy weight materials.

An Excellent walkingfoot heavy dutymachinebestfor heavy upholstery Etc..

The Typical GC0303D featuresa topfeed walkingfoot and bottomfeed system, with an alternating foot liftmechanism that is suitableto sew medium & medium-heavy weight materialssuch as horse rugs leather, synthetics, canvas, plastics, webbing, upholstery, tarpaulin + heavier than ordinarystandardfabrics.

The balanced sewingmachinehead advantages from automaticlubrication to minimizewear& tear, resultingin increaseddurability, decreasenoise levels, smoother running, and minimal maintenancecosts.

The fittingof a largehook & base as popularreduces the varietyof bobbin changesand helps when the usage ofthe thicker threads associatedwith heavier than ordinarymaterials. A largesew lengthis availableup to 8mm.

The heavy-duty topwalkingfoot mechanism mixedwith standardbacksidefeed; produces a tremendousfeed motionand permitsgenuineeven stitching.

Needle sizes for the Typical GC0303D can rangefrom dimensionone hundredup-to-the morethick dimensionone hundred sixty.

Typical GC 202D Industrial Sewing Machine


Product Specification :

Condition: New

Usage: Commercial

Type: Industrial Sewing Machine

Product Description :

  • Link-type feed mechanism
  • High presser foot lifting height
  • The stitch dial stopper keeps the same stitch length when sewing
  • D2 model with thread trimmer, automatic reverse automatic presser foot lifter (optional)


Direct force motor, fast start, electricity-saving, environmental protection

integrated control machine, easy to install with automatic thread clamp, automatic again tack, automatic thread trimmer, and different automatic capabilities optionally available: pneumatic or electromagnet foot lifter



feed: bottom feed

length of stitch:8mm

needle type:DPX17 20-23#

needle bar stroke:37mm

height of presser foot:8/16

working space:260*120mm

usage:sofa,tents,car seat,bags,suitcase...

Typical GK1500 01 Chain Stitch Machine


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 1

Product Description :

Typical GK1500D is an industrial cover sewing machine with a flat sleeve and a cut-in edging arrangement. This model is used to perform the operation of edging products with an oblique inlay. For edging, it is possible to use universal edgers in 2/3/4 fold, with different widths of the inlay entry.

This model has a modified stitch plate and cut-off foot, so that the goiter of the binder fits as close as possible to the edge of the edging product. Due to this arrangement of the edging device, the binding does not fall out when working at high speed and when cornering with a small radius.

The cover sewing machine is equipped with a built-in economical servo motor and an automatic lubrication system. For efficient operation, there are also needle positioning options, a soft start function, a function for setting sewing speed limits and a built-in LED light. This model is equipped with a flat, adjustable table with a drawer.

Sewing Machines