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Woolen Fabric

Woolen Fabric

120 150 -20% Off

Approx Price: 120 /Meter

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Meter

Product Specification :

It Is Customized: Yes

Size: Other

Fabric: Woolen

Pattern: Plain

Product Description :


Limited supply and exceptional characteristics have made wool the worlds premier textile fiber.Throughout decades of research, development and marketing we have taken wool to its rightful place as one of the worlds most versatile, practical and best-loved natural fibers a fiber that is unparalleled when manufactured into affordable, sophisticated products with high performance qualities.

Wool naturally provides the perfect mix of strength and softness that allows us to feel safe, secure and comfortable. An advanced fiber, wool keeps you warm when youre cold and cool when youre hot. Woolen fabric will stand up to years of everyday wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for interior products including upholstery, carpets, floor coverings, curtains as well as sleepwear, blankets, cushions and throws. Wool is a multi functional fiber with a range of diameters that make it suitable for clothing, household fabrics and technical textiles.

Its ability to absorb and release moisture makes woolen fabrics comfortable as well as warm. Two thirds of woolen is used in the manufacture of garments, including sweaters, dresses, coats, suits and active sportswear. Blended with other natural or synthetic fibers, wool adds drape and crease resistance.

Slightly less than a third of wool goes into the manufacture of blankets anti-static and noise-absorbing carpets, and durable upholstery (wools inherent resistance to flame and heat makes it one of the safest of all household textiles).

Industrial uses of wool include sheets of bonded coarse wool used for thermal and acoustic insulation in home construction, as well pads for soaking up oil spills.

Woolen Fabric