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Plain Cotton Fabric

Cotton Fabric

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Approx Price: 50 /Meter

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Meter

Product Description :


In recent times, the consumer determined that polyester, although easier to care for, took away the cool from cotton and also added a pilling effect to cotton/polyester blends.
Consumers now often request 100% Cotton. Permanent finishes also added to the all cotton fabric gave a wash and wear property to cotton.

Even today, when competing against numerous synthetic fiber, cotton is still covering about 44% of the worlds need for textile fiber. Due to a general trend towards natural fiber products cotton improved its market position even further for home textiles and outerwear.

Welcome to our cotton textile selection, offering a wide variety of fabric in any theme, color scheme, or fashionable print you might want for your next sewing project. It goes without saying that cotton material is the most popular, preferred choice of quilters and crafter; being easily cut and sewn, breathable, comfortable, and of course durable.

We are proud to offer cotton fabrics available in every style you could imagine; from contemporary and novelty to traditional floral, weve got the patterns you need. And of course, We only offers the up most in quality of weight, softness, and dependability. Explore our wide array of quality cotton fabric, all of which is provided at a great price.

We have cotton fabrics with in stretch and twill varieties. Cotton stretch and twill if you are looking for some cotton with added stretch, particularly if you are making a garment, then take a look at our Cotton Stretch. It is made from high-quality cotton with added spandex. If youre looking for something more durable, why not try our Cotton Twill. These ranges of fabric offer heavy-duty material, perfect for working clothes.

Plain Cotton Fabric